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Dish Out is a fast-paced competition for two players.

Use your kick scooter to pick up pizza slices. Collect 8 slices and bring them to a drop-off location to get a point.

The first player to earn three points wins everlasting glory and bragging rights.

Don't drive into walls. (This is good life advice in general.) Slam into your companion to make them drop their food so you can steal it and deliver it yourself. (This is not good life advice. Please obey the law.)

Made by the Second Thoughts team.


DishOut 67 MB


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The music and art are great, and the core idea is cool and fun.
I think the controls might need a little tweaking - to me the way you turn is really un-intuitive, and I instinctively try to turn with respect to my rotation (i.e. pressing left when facing left and i want to turn downwards).
the current controls feel like they're supposed to emulate a joystick, and personally this makes it really hard to play for me.

Thank you! working on it!